Astora Consulting

We assist life science organizations in developing life-changing treatments by doing what we do best, providing end to end business and IT consultancy in a project or operational setup.

Focused on people

People are key in everything we do. We are specialized in life science consultancy and take a people-first approach. We employ bright people that help our clients deliver value.

Intrigued by technology

We assist clients in choosing and implementing the latest technologies to streamline processes and improve efficiency – resulting in cost savings and improved productivity.

Driven by data

We support our clients in unlocking value from their data, ensuring key decisions are made based on a solid foundation of real insights.

Our services include

Organizational Design

The ubiquitous digitalization of our workplaces and healthcare requires us, as individuals, to keep up. We understand that the speed of technology may outpace the organization, which sometimes needs a little help/push

Process Optimization

With the increasing complexity of drug development and manufacturing processes, as well as the changing regulatory landscape, process optimization has become an essential component of staying competitive in the pharmaceutical industry.

Digital Transformation & Strategy

Digital transformation often requires significant changes in mindset, behavior, and ways of working, which can be difficult to achieve without the right leadership and support in place. Additionally, it can be difficult to measure the success of digital transformation initiatives

Analysis & Implementation

Selecting the right technology and integrating it into existing systems can be a complex process. Therefore, having a well-defined analysis and implementation strategy is crucial to ensure successful adoption of new solutions that provide tangible value

Change Management

Change management is a critical component of any successful organizational transformation, and organizations that can navigate this challenge effectively will be better positioned for long-term success.

Regulatory & Compliance

Maintaining compliance with regulations and guidelines while navigating the constantly evolving digital landscape requires a high level of expertise and a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory environment

About Astora Consulting

Founded in April 2023, Astora Consulting is a consultancy specialized in life science.

Honestly, we prefer to spend time creating value for our clients instead of writing this. If you are still reading, we are more than happy to share our story over a cup of coffee. You can find the contact form below :-)